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Capstone Concrete
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Capstone Concrete Engraved and Stained Hardscapes
Don't Tear Out or Coat Your Concrete... Remodel it!
Capstone Concrete

The Capstone Concrete engraving and acid staining process is a totally unique approach to decorative concrete. Your existing concrete is our canvas. Whether you simply desire a change in color or an authentically engraved and acid stained old world stone surface, no one else comes close. Our mission is to provide the most durable product, with a most realistic look, at an affordable price. Find Out More.

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Concrete Facts

Not all concrete stains are created equal. Acid stain (also called chemical or reactive stain) will never peel or flake because the color is not on the surface. It is oxidized into the concrete. This is a similar color process that occurs to real stone in our natural environment. These aesthetically pleasing and permanent stains require more labor and expertise to successfully apply, but the benefits are proven over time.

Capstone Concrete   Capstone Concrete
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