About Us

A word from the founder, Tim Lindberg, about his inspiration

Concrete is a funny thing. It is most often finished to look like a man made surface and intended to have a clean perfect uniform look. From my experience I would guess that 90% of concrete does not have that clean perfect uniform look. This means that only 10% of people are completely satisfied with the intended look of their concrete. This is why most people just write off concrete as only functional and walk all over it.

Because of this, I saw an opportunity to take ones perspective in a new direction when looking at concrete. Let's no longer fight perfection! Instead let's embrace imperfection and take it a few steps further. That new direction involves uniquely changing the appearance of the concrete to authentically resemble natural slabs of stone. Once concrete has a natural variation of color throughout, then it won't be concerning when a car drips oil, trees drip sap, or a crack starts to appear. This is the revelation that inspired me to start Capstone Concrete.

Tim Lindberg is committed to providing exceptional service and a superior product. It was through his extensive background in the construction industry that he realized there was a need for a higher standard of decorative concrete staining.

Other companies have tried to compete with Tim's unique approach, but haven't been able to match the authentic look of his surface profiling and color effects. By traveling from the California coast and colonial New England to the country sides of Italy, Tim's artisanship has been perfected to reflect the natural color blends that compliment the architectural styles of his travels. Combining that with extensive training, research, and his own innovations to improve the staining process Tim started Capstone Concrete.