Decorative Concrete Staining and Restoration


  • "NATURAL AUTHENTICITY" We specialize in providing practical long term solutions for improving the look of concrete with the most authentic natural looking color blends.

  • "PREPARATION" We take the time to go beyond industry standards to prepare the concrete surface and maximize concrete porosity for stain absorption. Depending on the condition of the concrete we use a combination of the following methods:

    • Diamond Grind
    • Acid Etch
    • Sandblast
    • Pressure wash the surface. (4,000 psi water with industrial surface cleaner attachments.)
  • "GUARANTEED DURABILITY" The stains are thin like water and absorb into the properly prepped concrete surface. The finished surface will have no coating to potentially peel or flake.
  • "PERSONAL SERVICE" Our personal service and proven procedures guide the client from conception to a beautiful finished custom surface. We strive to ensure expectations are met and exceeded.
  • "JOB SCHEDULING" We have a "start to finish policy". This means that once we start a job it becomes the priority until finished in a timely manner.
  • ECO FRIENDLY Reuse the concrete you already have. Our process doesn't harm grass, plants, or the environment.


  1. We will meet with you personally and bring concrete samples providing a feel for color blends and options. At this time we will discuss a general plan for the overall look to be achieved. Next we will measure the concrete and give you a price quote.
  2. After a contract has been signed and the deposit has been paid, we will then formally put you on our project schedule.
  3. On the first day of your project we will discuss possible changes and make any necessary contractual adjustments.
  4. At specific points during the process color blends will be mocked up and presented for adjustment and approval.
  5. Most projects take between one to two weeks to complete. During this time you will not become a prisoner or feel banned from your property. Your concrete surface may be driven on during the first stages of the job and walked on for the entire time.


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